Is Your Stadium Ecosystem Ready for Gen Z and Gen Alpha?

Jul 14, 2023, 1:01 PM

Venue Tech & Security Breakout Room

Gen Z is soon to become the most powerful and diverse buying demographic in US History. This is the first cohort that has been born as true digital natives, and one thing is for sure–they are not their Millennial parents in values, action, or desires. This session will tap through the values of Gen Z and how this individualistic, socially minded, and transparent demographic might need the sports/entertainment venue to reflect their mindset. We’ll cover 10 tips on how to speak the language of tech, before turning to our experienced panel for straight talk on ways to engage Gen Z utilizing the newest technology of AR/VR and Web3 to future proof the stadium experience. Learn about: What Gen Z values and why it matters; AR, VR, Web 3, the role of mobile, and other technologies that speak the language of this emerging audience.

Agenda Coming Soon

Check back later for a full agenda of the event



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